30 October 2013


greensboro dawn

caribbean sea

kitten + jungle

The flight from Miami, Florida to Kingston, Jamaica was a smooth thirty minutes. When I stepped out into the muggy air, I immediately spotted Kwao - the only six foot eight inch tall dread-locked Rastafarian who warmly welcomed me to Jamaica. He then directed the Land Rover north, through the streets of Kingston, lined with goats, dogs and vendors. We bought a few bunches of guinep without getting out of the car and continued on our way through the twisting lush mountain roads. Once we hit the north coast, a rainbow seemed to sprout from the sky-blue sea and a few moments later, a double welcomed me to my home for the winter. Agape greeted me with a hug and I met the five brothers, ranging from ages two to thirteen, throughout the rest of the evening as they ran about, barefoot with beautiful heads of sun-bleached dread-locks. I spent the rest of the day as a newborn bee would after chewing away her pollen-wax cap, crawling unsteadily out of her crib and orientating herself. I am in awe of the lush beauty here.

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