20 October 2013


Honeybees have hummed a steady song in my chest since I was twelve years young. The Universe manifested the education and experience I've been seeking : by Hallo-ween I will be in Jamaica for a four-month honeybee keeping internship. This world wide web-log is here to document my work this winter with the lovely Adams family at Yerba Buena Farms.

GOAL : To explore the diverse perspectives / ideas / concepts of simple, humble and pure honeybee stewardship. To expand my knowledge and experience with active research, observation and experimentation. To understand and practice sustainable top-bar beekeeping in context to a rural farm in Jamaica.

  1. To fully understand, and implement treatment free and sustainable beekeeping. 
  2. To develop extensive knowledge and experience with top-bar hive management and construction techniques. 
  3. To determine the advantages of a top-bar hive in comparison to Langstroth hives. 
  4. To collect and examine the various uses of bee products such as honey, wax, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly. 
  5. To gain an in-depth knowledge of various approaches to queen breeding and rearing to strengthen and diversify honeybee genetics for pest and disease resistance. 
  6. To develop experience in conducting wild honeybee extractions. 
  7. To enhance leadership skills to be able to lead workshops, trainings and meetings for local novice and professional beekeepers as well as the children’s group Robins Bay Bee Club that visits the farm.
  8. To gain exposure to Jamaica’s culture and environment in order to better understand sustainable agriculture relevant to a developing country. 
 These goals were inspired by Megan Langer, one of Yerba Buena Farm's past interns.

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