02 December 2013

dog house + dry larvae

Suzy is due to have her pups any day now so Agape, Joshua and I spent the morning finishing up the walls of her dog house, throwing in some more sawdust and even fashioned a door for her out of a crocus bag. Spoiled much?
 By late afternoon, I was following Agape, Emmanuel, Melchizedek and Joshua into the bush to inspect another three hives. There was a lot of tightly patterned capped brood to be found though the larvae looked a bit dry. Usually they are swimming in a pool of milky royal jelly! We will be feeding these guys for a little longer. There is a balance to find when feeding - too much and we will artificially induce a swarm, feed too little and the young will suffer, especially since we've been generously feeding in the past month. Melchizedek nearly smoked Agape and I out of the apiary with his liberal usage of the smoker! 

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