11 December 2013

Westmoreland Bee Farmer's Association Queen Rearing Training

At seven thirty in the morning, Kwao, Melanie and I were on our five hour journey towards the Westmoreland Bee Farmer's Association on the other side of the island. We stopped for some Juici Patties and fresh juice from a lady's trunk and rested for half an hour at a tourist beach before continuing our way to the west coast. While the group was setting up, we tramped through a small apiary that was on the property but not the association's bees. Melanie quickly melted a crowd of fifteen into a fit of giggles and smiles. 
Some food-for-thought found scribbled in my notebook from today:
* we can work with momma nature by mimicking her calendar - especially with making splits or divides in sync with the swarming season when the bees instinctively want to / will multiply
* why are you starting a relationship with the bees if you aim to have maintance-free hives?
* the only time the virgin queens will eat honey is before their mating flight = honeymoon
* "it takes a community to raise bees" - trade local genetics as a gardener would with their seeds, connect and share ideas and methods

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