02 November 2013

caribbean bee life

observing a hive's entrance

With rain clouds teasing us all day with a sprinkles of drops, more bee talk than bee tending was done. Over the kitchen table, Agape compared her experiences with beekeeping in Vermont to Jamaica (Agape and Kwao lived and tended bees in northern Vermont for about five years). There is an overwhelming amount of abundance here in the tropics. Fruit trees are growing everywhere like weeds (similar to dandelions in New York). The nectar flows are mostly from tropical fruit trees and hardwoods, such as coconut, avocado, mango and logwood. There are always resources available, even during the dearth periods, but only strong and healthy honey bee colonies are able to take full advantage of any flow that may occur. In contrast, the dearth in Vermont is a long, cold period of the bees tightly clustered around their stores with a total absence of resources. Bees in temperate regions are much more likely to die of starvation.
down to the beach

to the left

to the right

The beach has been a lovely space, over-flowing with beauty and a quiet rhythm. 
video screenshots

Two bowls of popcorn at hand, the five boys and I watched Tales From the Hive which had some incredible footage of the intimate parts of a honey bee's life. With mind-blowing close-ups of various bee behaviors, life inside of the hive and even the queen being mated on her nuptial flight, this movie only deepened my appreciation for these tiny creatures. Part of the introduction was a line that caught my eye - "Just and ordinary day of birth, death, sex, and violence". This reminds me of the book I am currently reading, The Queen Must Die: And Other Affairs of Bees and Men, by William Longgood. This book gives fascinating insight on the 'work-or-die' approach that bees have in their communal nest.

Side Note: Eating fried plantain reminds me of bee stings. 


  1. Does that mean you do not like fried Plantain??? I LOVE it! Thanks for the beautiful pics and your blog is always so interesting! I am learning much about your beloved honey bees. Luv and miss you!

    1. Fried Plantain is lip-smacking but the taste reminds me of the bannana-like scent that you smell after being stung. It's just amusing to me! Thank you, love and miss you too!