24 November 2013

rendering beeswax

the two black plastic bags in the freezer were swollen with old and burr comb that were collected from the hives over time
the combs were thrown in a tall pot with water over the blue flame, no double boilers here! (use extreme caution) 
molten wax with the black cocoons (left behind in the cell after each baby bee is born) floating around

our preferred tool for stirring / playing with the hot wax ended up being the spatula 
to strain and filter the hot wax, all you need is a bucket with a small hole on the bottom, a big bowl (preferably with a large, steady base) and a pillowcase 
pouring the molten wax-cocoon mess into pillowcase covering the bucket
get yr plunger and get plunging!

the plunger will be covered in wax afterwards, we just scraped it off and threw it back in the bowl of liquid wax
placing the bowl on a flat surface, away from kids and dogs and covered so bees won't drown (the scent of wax attracts them from all over) 
two bees still managed to sneak under the bucket, only to be embalmed
dirty bottoms will have to be washed and scraped off
rendering a second time is a good idea if you want clean wax for a good candle. 
break up the wax into small pieces and place in a pot of water
let the water boil until the wax is melted
remove from heat and allow to cool
a twice-rendered and kofi-approved block of golden beeswax!p.s. - thanks to Agape for taking these pictures!

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