25 November 2013

a beehive flood, lopsided candle and coconut treats

after feeding the bees heavily, we've started fully inspecting the hives again and this particular hive was flooded out due to a faulty roof, we had to wedge a knife between the floor board and the end piece to drain out the water. the bees were doing great despite the puddle in their home.

a roll of wick

candle mold and dog nose

melting down that golden piece of wax we twice-rendered yesterday
pouring the liquid into the tightly bound candle mold with the tip of the wick wrapped around a spoon

we have a candle! 
a lovely lopsided candle
after the boys went to bed, kwao and agape shredded up some coconut and threw it in a skillet with honey  

after the honey-coconut caramelized beautifully, agape dropped the balls on a plantain leaf (a sustainable substitute for wax paper) 
words cannot explain how mouth-wateringly scrumptious this treat was

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  1. That is seriously the most beautiful candle I've ever seen!