11 November 2013

sacred geometry

thanks for modelling Lady

sides with a thirty degree bevel 
marking four inches for the entrance

cutting the entrance
I spent the morning tucking corn kernels into the soil and the afternoon building two top-bar hives. The design is ridiculously easy. The 120 degree angle between the wall and the floor stems from Les Crowder's design in which he explains in his book Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices For Honeybee Health:
"I wanted to know what interior floor-to-wall angle gives a trapezoidal hive the most volume and did the math calculations, only to find that this angle was also 120 degrees. Then I realized that there was a wonderful correlation between this geometry and the hexagonal cells that bees use to construct their combs. Each one of the interior angles of a hexagon is 120-degrees.... I have made all of my top-bar hives using the bees' sacred geometry of the hexagon ever since." 

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