09 November 2013

time to wash my suit

Enoch, smoker + hive tool

barefoot beekeeping 
Agape and I fed about half of the hives on the farm and this one particular hive did not like me at all. As Agape pulled out the top-bars, the bees poured out in rage and aimed for my hands. Twice stung, I walked through tree branches to lose their trail. Anytime I went near the hive afterwards, the guard bees buzzed furiously as they shadowed every move I made. 

Honey bees use alarm pheromones, which smells like artificial banana flavoring, to mark an enemy and attract other bees to the location, defensively. My suit which has accumulated many scents since I got here, including this pheromone and sweat, which is said to trigger bees. It's time to wash my suit.

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  1. Ohhhh! I love ur scent! Those bees were nasty!